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    TF 2025 Report

    The 2025 Task Force was established by Chairman George Breece in March of 2015. The 2025 Task Force's goal was to study, evaluate, and make strategic recommendations on where and how the Chamber can reposition itself over the next 10 years, to meet the needs of its members, the business community and the broader community. This task force was made up of members from the Chamber and individuals in the community.

    The Task Force held extensive meetings as a group and as sub-committees over a period of nine weeks. It accumulated and analyzed information from multiple local and national sources as well as talk to stakeholders within the community. The Task Force 2025 Report made several findings and recommendation but can be broken down into 3 major areas:

    1. Restructure the Organization.

    a. Recommend that the economic development body currently known as The Alliance be separated from the Chamber.
    b. Recommend a restructure of the board and its leadership to facilitate closer alignment with an updated vision and mission.
    c. Develop a 5-year financial model and updated marketing and public relations plan with direct board involvement in both.

    2. Engage the Membership.

    a. Update programs and create enhanced outreach/participation plans that demonstrate relevance and value to its members and provide a tangible impact.
    b. Develop a membership engagement model that attracts new members and integrates them into the Chamber activates but at the same time provides nurturing for existing members.

    3. Create Community Impact.

    a. Increase the Chamber's role as an advocate for business and as a central figure and leader in the dialogue between other lead community organizations and individuals.
    b. Become the "convener" and demonstrate independent leadership that brings voices together in our community towards causes that are important to the business community, the community as a whole, the Chamber, and its members.

    The Chamber's Board of Directors unanimously accepted this report on May 19, 2015. A copy of the full report can be found here - Chamber 2025 Task Force Final Report