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  • By Brandon Plotnick

    11. We understand that Sanderson secured approval from Lenoir County for their Kinston facility without even submitting information about the irrigation system -- they ONLY gave Kinston info on the wastewater treatment plant. Is this true? If so how Fayetteville officials be sure they aren’t hiding the ball now?

    Answer: This question is vague because it is not clear what is meant by the term “information.”  If the question is referring to the irrigation system from a permitting standpoint, the local government bodies do not regulate that aspect of Sanderson Farms’ operation so all applications, information and reporting would be directly to the government body charged with overseeing that operation.

    By Brandon Plotnick

    1. Are there already too many nutrients in the Cape Fear River? How can the safety of the river be guaranteed?

    Answer:  Water is one of our most precious resources that needs to be protected and is protected through government regulations – this includes the Cape Fear River.  The truth is that every house, commercial building, industrial building, farm, school, vehicle, pipeline, waste water treatment plant, septic system etc. has an impact on the waterways of North Carolina.  The North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources is the primary regulatory entity that has the responsibility to ensure that growth in our state is creating as little negative impact on the waterways as possible.

    As far as the impact specifically from the proposed Sanderson Farms Project is concerned, DENR has regulations on the plant, waste water treatment, spray fields and the farms.