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  • National Preparedness Month - Fire Department (9/8/2020)

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    September 08, 2020

    FEMA Launches New Preparedness Training for Community-Based Organizations

    FEMA launched a new preparedness training, “Organizations Preparing for Emergency Needs,” or OPEN. The new training is designed to empower Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) to prepare for incidents and increase resilience in the face of a disaster. CBOs play a huge role in the daily lives of millions of Americans. They are the food banks, childcare centers, shelters and houses of worship that make communities stronger.  


    OPEN is both a self-guided online course for individuals and a downloadable instructor-led course designed to help organizations take preparedness steps. The OPEN training will walk participants through ten preparedness actions. CBOs can take these preparedness actions to improve their organization’s resilience.


    The 10 preparedness actions are:


    ·         Understand risks 

    ·         Mitigate risks 

    ·         Identify the people you serve 

    ·         Determine essential activities 

    ·         Consider the supply chain 

    ·         Safeguard critical information 

    ·         Establish a communications plan 

    ·         Cross-train key individuals 

    ·         Formalize plans 

    ·         Regularly test and update plans 


    If participants wish to learn more about a certain preparedness action, they can refer to one of the many resources listed in the training. Some resources include:

    ·         FEMA Flood Map Service Center

    ·         Ready Business Hurricane Toolkit

    ·         FEMA's Hazard Information Sheets


    Learn how you can empower your CBO to prepare for disasters by visiting:   https://community.fema.gov/opentraining


    Scott Bullard, EFO, CFO, MIFireE- Emergency Management Coordinator

    Fayetteville Fire Department

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